Making Room

This was one of Mag’s favorite things. Even more favorite than scooping up a sneaky drip of melting cherry ice cream with her tongue just before it made the cone soggy. Even more favorite than the shooting star sound of her jacket zipper going up fast, and the train track sound of it coming down [...]


Lucky Penny

A plague on a bench is not an irregularity. There are droves of them and there are certain commonalities among them. A message from the living to the lost. A bible verse or a name followed by preferable adjectives. Some have plumes and artistic pictures to accent the words of respect. Often enough, it is [...]


This was a particularly big day for Joe. He had been planning this all year. Hell, if he was honest with himself, he had been planning this since he saw her in geometry. Joe would remember coming home from the eighth grade that first day and trying to invent a reason to talk to Lindsey. [...]