The Story of Each of Us

There are certain places where you can hear the air. Air, not the wind for that is certainly different. Wind makes a sound of conviction, the ocean does this too, consistently reminding you that it is at work. The work and the movement of wind - whether it be the roll of foam and light [...]


Timely Distance

The birds weren’t a particularly recognizable species. Both type and size were undeterminable; they looked more like black pepper flecks spilled on a table cloth, moving across the sky from a warm breath. There were so many bird flecks that they became their own shadow cloud, causing anyone underneath to catch their breath at the [...]

The Voice

The voice calls to each person. It can be in different dialects. It can be in different tones. It can even be a silent voice that speaks not in whispers but in blinks or in stillnesses. Some believe it comes from the different places but it is the same. Mostly the voice becomes stamped onto [...]