Matchstick Shoes

Most shoes have voices, some are more interesting than others. Some call out and wave. Some squish and whisper. Finger snaps, squeaky wheels. Lots of bravado but throw a good walk in front of them, and then you see what they’re really made of. Listen to them whine. Listen to them chortle arrogantly at the [...]



A tradition is a mirror, and mirrors can be slippery. At once the image is intimately familiar. There’s no tricks of the glass. There are no alternate versions of the clarity. The vision is clear, but its the eyes that are critical. But then the picture is entirely different to whomever should look into it. [...]

Show Me

There are some routine items that snag on the clockwork and perform their duties exquisitely. There are windows that reflect sunlight and peer into passersby. There are bells that announce newcomers with a welcome and thank repeaters with a farewell. There are bags swinging pleasurably, looping loyally around purchased hands. There are switches that count [...]